Thursday, October 6, 2011

torrent fan? you don't need to do anything in ubuntu 11.04

i can call myself a torrent fan but i just leech all the time. i never seed. why? i guess i just want to download not contribute. plus, my speed is so slow that even if i did, it won't affect much.

well, on windows, i used utorrent. in ubuntu, it supplies transmission bit-torrent client with os. i don't need to download utorrent. i searched for torrent and bam, it recognized and started leeching (downloading). it gives me simple controls like limiting my upload/download limit. other advanced settings like number of peers and 'asking tracker for more peers'.

it's not like, i didn't tried utorrent on ubuntu. i did. it gave me some which i extracted and inside that i ran, utorrentserver executable. there was another zip named, which i again extracted and opened index.html. however, things didn't work out.

i like transmission for torrent now. it's complete except for the option to shutdown when downloads complete ;) which is a nice power saving feature.

it's all pretty simple ui. you download a torrent, open it, transmission will give you option to select/deselect files in torrent and then you add it. preferences are pretty simple and self-explanatory. there's one thing which i found out on my own.

when you open properties of any torrent, under options tab, you'll see 'maximum peers'. by default it's 60 and if you try to supply a value more than 3000, it'll reset to 3000. i don't know if that's limit of torrent/bit torrent protocol or something, but it's what i see. 

happy file sharing! keep seeding, keep rocking!

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