Sunday, October 2, 2011

need for vlc in ubuntu

well, i'm a media fan. i watch movies all the time. the default movie player in ubuntu, well after the codecs install, played almost every media content in my collection (except for some glitches with hd content when played through external hdd(s) connected.

anyway, recently i tend to develop interest for german movies but i really don't know german. hence, i use subtitles. the default video player does its job smoothly without single error. however, when it comes to playing with subtitles, it doesn't work cool. the subtitles were not shown properly when i loaded them (there was nothing wrong with subtitles).

hence, i had to do something about it. i opened, ubuntu software center and looked for vlc (because i know it's free :) ). it's simple, click install and it's done.

i really don't need to explain how smooth vlc is. the only issue is, how to make vlc, default media player? ubuntu doesn't recognize vlc as a candidate for being default media player. well, that's the beauty of open source i would say. you can modify things to work your own way.

i just figured out one on my own. in preferred applications, in multimedia tab, choose custom and type vlc in the command. i just guessed it but it works.

here's the way to make vlc default player in ubuntu 11.04 ;)

let me know, if you face any problems, trying this.

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