Wednesday, October 19, 2011

crazy ubuntu 11.10

i was going to change the title of my blog to 'crazy ubuntu' after upgrading to ubuntu 11.10. it's really crazy out here and i can't understand a thing. gnome doesn't look like gnome. i can't get rid of unity launcher and i don't like it.

ubuntu 11.10 on acer aspire 5500z

why do i've to search for what i'm looking. i need to change font and if i search 'font' i don't get the way to change it. ahh it's so crappy. i wish i could restore back to my natty with macbuntu :(

- the boot time is high,
- sometimes it confuses me with single/double click,
- the dash is crappy (sometimes hangs between auto-hide),
- i'm missing my control and ability to explore options,
- there's gnome installed but i don't see gnome 2.x like interface.
- it screwed up my eclipse configuration
- re-installed default apps which i had un-installed

i know i'm not very much happy with the upgrade. are you?

post me your condition in comments. i'll try to figure out solutions to my problems and let you all know.

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