Sunday, March 4, 2012

learning guitar, the ubuntu way!

i recently bought a new acoustic guitar from gb&a and i am planning on learning it. i know it's a long term commitment like my other commitment to use open source software. apparently, i didn't purchase any tuner that usually people buy.

i opened ubuntu software center and typed 'guitar' and hit enter. to my surprise, it listed multiple applications that comes free to use and easy to install.

i installed some on my laptop. i didn't play out much with the apps yet however, i think it would require me to plug-in using some jack which i would have to buy. you can't escape from purchasing hardware! ;)

tuxguitar is a simple application which is for notes and playing them. i think it would be a great app to practice notes and playing when i learn to play.

there's another application gtkGuitune, which doesn't launch well from gui menu. it has to be started from console by typing
aoss gtkguitune

i really didn't get much time to play with these but as i move along, i'll keep you and this blog updated. this is a new venture into learning guitar with the help of linux (ubuntu) and those guitar leaning videos.

happy ubuntuing!