Friday, October 14, 2011

google earth doesn't play nice on ubuntu 11.04

i'm a fan of geo imagery data. sites like, are my favorites. i love flying above unknown places, figuring out, identifying patterns, places, things, buildings, houses, airports. there's so much to find.

with every new place, it's different. on my windows, i had google earth installed and used to love playing around with it. however, on ubuntu, google earth wasn't directly available in software center. so i downloaded from google's website and followed steps to install.

it installed very easily without any issues (so much of verbose output). anyway, when i launched, i was excited to get my days again but damn. it's somehow gibberish.

this raised my hopes
google earth splash
but the main window :( shattered my dreams. it looks like the font has some issue maybe. but even the globe is missing.

google earth program window

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