Saturday, August 25, 2012

upgraded to ubuntu 12.04

after a lot of waiting time, i upgraded to ubuntu 12.04, lts. the process wasn't smooth at all since my old system's cdrom doesn't work. i had to upgrade to 11.10 (about 1gb of download) and then 12.04 (1.2gb of download).

plus, i am now on unity. it's a bit slow i'd say then macbuntu on 11.04. i am running ubuntu 2d as my old hardware shouldn't be kept processing on just the visual effects. i did google tweaks for ubuntu 12.04 as i wasn't happy with the performance i was getting.

1. installed jupiter (to switch between cpu processing modes)
2. tried xfce but it crashed a few times.
3. disabled unnecessary services and startup items.
4. there's something called preload, i installed that too.

still the boot up time is about a minute. it's kind of stable after that. chromium seems to run stably fast. firefox runs like a charm. libre office is continuing to disappoint me.

i have some excel 2007 files about 2-5 mb in size. it hangs! literally while trying to open them. looks like no one likes big excel files. just tried uploading to google docs drive. server keeps rejecting them.

even on a core i3 2nd gen windows 7 with office 2010 system, those files make computer run for mommy! maybe those files should be exported as csv and imported into mysql.

here's a screenshot to tell you what i am dealing with.
ubuntu 12.04 unity 2d desktop