Wednesday, October 12, 2011

learning terminal commands the easy way

i'm not a big fan of command line interface when there's a ui available for it but sometimes you have to get dirty to get the work done. there are so many things which you can do with the power of terminal / shell in ubuntu (linux). take | 'pipe' for example, it lets you use output of one as input of other. it's so powerful that it lets to connect any two applications which use textual input / output.

learning commands is not easy. you can always type man <command> for the manual but it's never easy to read and digest. I luckily found a website which lets you learn the commands, the easy way.


PLAYTERM is intended to raise the skills of terminal  CLI users, share their skills and inspire others.
PLAYTERM wants to push forward a new way of education, because terminalsessions are language-independent, extremely educative & entertaining.

It has a nice and easy interface for you to learn commands. It's really interesting website for those who want to learn the command way!

Check out and happy learning.

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