Thursday, October 13, 2011

ubuntu 11.10 is here! are you upgrading?

canonical today launched ubuntu 11.10 aka oneiric ocelot. there's a small guide available on ubuntu's website, however i thought of letting you experience every step of it. i'm currently on 11.04 and targeting 11.10.

let the upgrade begin.

1. go to, system-> administration->update manager || alternatively, you can press alt+f2 and type update-manager -d
2. click on check.
3. on top, it'll show you "new ubuntu release 11.10 is available with a button to upgrade.

update manager with new release available message.
4. when you click on upgrade, it'll first show you release notice which contains links to license and other terms
release notes of ubuntu 11.10

5. on hitting 'upgrade', it'll begin downloading a small utility which is going to run separately from update manager and upgrade your ubuntu.
downloading the upgrade tool

6. after download, it'll prompt you for password and close update manager in background. the utility which was downloaded now takes control.
7. utility will list steps of upgrade along with the progress. 
preparing to upgrade

8. while preparing for upgrade, it'll disable third party sources and pop you with this
third party sources disabled before upgrading maybe for stability
9. after that it'll set/modify sources channels for new release
modifying sources to point to current release

10. once done, it'll then try to download the new packages for ubuntu but before that it'll let you know what all it is going to do.
final confirmation. after this, there's no going back.

well, i didn't had time today to upgrade. i don't want to end up troubleshooting my laptop on a weekday. i'll do this over weekend. but it's just matter of 1056 megabytes which it'll download. it'll disable some apps too, let's hope it doesn't affect our beloved apps. so i hit cancel.

things learned: it's very very easy to upgrade to next version in ubuntu. i wish every os was like this. oh, mac-os is already like that. ;) easy upgrade with a price to pay.

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