Tuesday, October 11, 2011

blogilo: app for blogging

i was just searching for something in ubuntu software center and just typed blog. in search results, i end up my eyes on bloglio, an app for blogging. i read reviews, from reviews it looked like a great app.

blogiolo description in ubuntu software center
what next? i hit install and it asked me for password and begin downloading 62.1 megabytes worth of blogilo. sometimes i feel concerned about the amount of data ubuntu downloads. what if i don't have unlimited data plan and i'm running a school where i wish to maintain every system updated with new softwares and updates but i don't want my internet bill to go high. i think there would be a way to have a local copy of ubuntu software repository set up and fetch all downloads from there. i'll add that into my to-do(s).

well, i've installed blogilo and this is what i get on first launch.

i've no idea what this is. i hit next with 'basic setup'. and get another window.

i don't wish to use kde wallet so i click finish without actually setting it up. this is waste of time i guess, it should have asked me earlier. anyway, i now finally get blogilo's program window. it looks lot like any other blogging app. nice structured interface. nothing so great in ui but does the job, maybe. 

blogilo's main window

so, now let's setup my blog. i click on menu blog->add blog. i provide details for this blog, and then clicked on auto-configure. it tried searching but it failed somehow. it showed me some issue with internet connection but my connection works fine.

blogilo: trying to setup blog using auto-configure

i got this error.

i tried multiple options on the advanced tab of the configuration window but nothing worked. i even provided the blog id using what it is showing me right now in chromium browser address bar. but it didn't work out.

anyway, will look for more solutions to this. till then, i'll continue using the browser based editor for my blog.

i'm going to search for way but later. 

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