Sunday, October 9, 2011

intelligent copying management in ubuntu

sometimes small improvements have big impacts. take file copy program for an example. in my last operating system (windows), it used to display a new copy window for every file copying operation that i was doing. sometimes, i was organizing all my stuff with a lot of copy and move and hence, so many windows to manage.

sometimes, they hid behind each other. but for now, in ubuntu, i'm not worried about that. whenever, i'm copying or moving something, it gives a little, copy icon in the panel.

now, let's say i'm copying something and i forgot about that. it's lost somewhere in my multiple work-spaces that i've. my screen would look something like this.

copying somewhere in background

when i click on the icon in panel, next to my processor frequency applet, which's showing 600 mhz, it'll show me the copy dialog, no matter where it is. see..
copying dialog pops-up when i click on icon

also, when there are multiple copy dialog, i always wanted a single window with every copy operation in it, with individual cancel button and status. well, in ubuntu, it is already there.

i'm just loving it!

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