Friday, September 23, 2011 patient

3 words, bring up hope! i don't know why but whenever anyone sees them, [s]he thinks something is being worked upon and i just have to wait a little. it's 1:47 am on 23rd september 2011 in india.

that's what my this new blog/initiative is going to be about. after using amazing microsoft windows operating system on personal laptop for 7 years, i've made my decision to make it something which runs on linux. i know, it's a stupid move ;) but there's much to explore here. it's like moving to a new place where you don't know anyone, don't know the roads or anything and everything looks strange and you have that excitement to explore and learn.

i use a almost 7 year old acer aspire 5500z laptop with very basic hw. intel centrino m 1.7ghz 2gb ram, 60gb hitachi hdd, non-functioning sony cd/dvd drive. 1280x800 display resolution. only good thing is it works fine!

i've successfully installed ubuntu 11.04 (waiting for 11.10) and everything seems to work. i also installed macbuntu to make it look like macos as i love that ui. it looks pretty awesome as i can enjoy.

i'll keep everyone posted about my experiences and things i find out. comments and critics are welcomed as i'm keeping anonymous commenting on.

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