Sunday, February 5, 2012

mounting .iso files in ubuntu

i recently downloaded an .iso file for some preparation kit. i wasn't aware how to use it. in windows, i used to use some virtual drive management software or some cd burning software to have the contents.

apparently, this was the first time i was dealing with .iso file on ubuntu (linux). i was going to extract it to view its contents, that was the plan. however, mistakenly i double clicked on the file and to my surprise, it got mounted as a cd. no software, no special procedure, nothing!

the .iso file
after, i double clicked it, it got mounted. to un-mount, simply right click, select 'unmount drive'.

the .iso file mounted automatically by ubuntu
i guess, guys at canonical/linux community are putting a great effort building some small but powerful understanding into the core os, so that linux is no longer seen as 'geek only' os.

good effort guys. go ubuntu!

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