Tuesday, December 13, 2011

is picasa for linux dead?

well, i've had my problems with running google's picasa software in ubuntu (some font issue, which wasn't there in xfce). today, i by accident ended up on http://picasa.google.com and found their new version of picasa 3.9 with google+ and other features for windows.

however, when i tried to check for linux (ubuntu), i ended up in page 404! my first reaction was wtf! seriously.

i checked on google's picasa blog to see if there was any post to justify this but nah, nothing there. is google abandoning us (linux users), just like that?

oh wait, google was doing some cleaning, like ending up projects like buzz, let me check that list.
nope, it doesn't talk about picasa for linux.

wth google! i need some answers.


  1. Even I felt the same as you. There is no noise about this anywhere. Even though it was running with Wine, there was a download for Linux users. Picasa is one nice software, which I got used to.

  2. luckily i have picasa 3.8 install for linux which doesn't work well with ubuntu 11.04 with default desktop environment (i.e. Gnome 2.x). There were font rendering issues with picasa and google earth.

    the same issue wasn't there with xfce.

    i'm totally on shotwell for managing pics that i click (http://moifotografii.tumblr.com/). Still, there should be some explanation/something about discontinuing picasa for linux from google.