Saturday, November 5, 2011

why am i moving back to ubuntu 11.04 on this weekend?

you guys already know about problems i've been facing with ubuntu \O-O/ (geeky symbol i made for oneiric ocelot). well, there are more to add. i've been facing problems with using my laptop as a hotspot for wi-fi in my apartment. since, there are many things which rely on my wi-fi spot for network, it's a vital thing. it disconnects or i would say de-registers the connection i had created earlier. so, every-time i've to create a new connection and then connect. though i keep giving the same name again and again so that other device don't have to think through.

another irritating stuff is unity (it's cool, it's cool but not for me). i loved the way it was with macbuntu. why? i loved the ui/ux. i would say, launcher is an issue. no it doesn't crash but i don't know things in ubuntu. i like classic menu style apps.

anyway, i've decided and i'm going back to natty (11.04). as far as backup and keeping my current state comes, i've taken copy of my home folder so that i'll not loose my data. i thought of creating partition with this new install for home but let's see. partition is sometimes scary! i've already lost too much data on partitions in windows.

this is my last post from ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot!
adios oneiric ocelot!

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